Employers also benefit when their employees vanpool to work. Work with your local Commuter Assistance Program to set up vanpools with your employees.

  • Better Commute = Happier Employees: Increased job satisfaction, productivity and morale by reducing the stress and costs associated with commuting.
  • Low Investment. Big Rewards: Vanpool expenses paid by the employer can be excluded from the employee’s gross income, up to certain limits. For 2018, the tax exclusion limits are $260 per employee per month. 
  • Fewer Cars. Less Parking: Fewer cars coming to your office location means reduced parking demand, potentially lowering the costs of office parking. If parking spaces are part of the company’s lease arrangement, inquiry about unbundling parking from the office space lease.
  • On-Site Seminars and Vanpool Formation Meetings: Commuter Assistance Programs may offer presentations for employees on the benefits of vanpooling.
  • Marketing Material: Free resources such as flyers and brochures may be available from your local Commuter Assistance Program.

Go Green: With vanpooling, you can contribute to a better quality of life for your employees, your community and the planet. It feels good to go green!